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BIBA webinar - Brainworks presented by Premium Credit

BIBA’s Yorkshire and Northern Young Broker Ambassadors are pleased to invite all Young Insurance Professionals and other members to an excellent series of webinars from Premium Credit.


First session - Brainworks


Sales isn’t all about connecting with people and being the best at what you do, there is also a

psychological element to sales. Understanding the psychology of how we perform at our best can

create a longer lasting peak in our performance and our webinar will delve into the depths of human

psychology, what drives us and our clients, what chemicals make us tick? How we can use information

and language in patterns to be memorable? What processes do we go through when negotiating?


By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Name four chemicals that our brains produce, understanding how these are triggered and how to
  • Enhance these when necessary
  • Create an anchor that will trigger them to change their state to perform better in their roles
  • Understand the cognitivism of the brain to support how we function and learn

Second session - Personality profiling 11.08.2021 at 11.00 am

Third session - Optimum performance  27.10.2021 at 11.00 am

This webinar session will qualify for CII-accredited CPD for BIBA members attending and returning feedback forms.


Our webinars are designed to give information and guidance and we aim to make them as accurate as we can at the time of presentation and recording. However, they may sometimes represent individual views and BIBA cannot guarantee, nor do they accept any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy or completeness of the content or for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained within these presentations and recordings.

May 18th, 2021 11:00 AM through 12:15 PM
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