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BIBA Schemes & Facilities webinar - Intellectual Property Insurance (IPI) - Playing Your Part presented by Opus Underwriting.

This webinar will help brokers to practically see and understand where they can add value to their commercial clients as a trusted adviser, by identifying their IP risks, managing them and insuring them where appropriate.

We will do this by practical example (a real-life example) that will open your minds to the IP risk and when to offer insurance protection. It will cover brand awareness, possible IP rights breach, that will teach the attendees how to recognise the risk and de-risk it through insurance to protect their client.

We will also cover improvements to our auto-quote system and the increasingly vexed issue of PI cover purporting to cover IPI. We know this is an issue for brokers. We will explain the differences so that the broker can confidently deal with any client mistakenly thinking PI cover provides adequate IPI cover. Again, through example

Learning objectives:

  • Recognising brand and the risk attached to not protecting it through IPI.
  • Helping the broker to be the trusted and knowledgeable adviser to the commercial client on IP risk and how and when to de-risk through insurance.
  • Getting the broker to ‘play their part’ and be pro-active in spotting and covering the intangible IP risk
  • Assisting the broker to understand the big difference between the very limited IP cover under PI (tangential) and full-blown IPI that affords pursuit actions keeping the cash-poor, IP rich client in business.

This webinar may count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements and a formal completion certificate will be issued for members attending and returning a feedback form. 


Our webinars are designed to give information and guidance and we aim to make them as accurate as we can at the time of presentation and recording. However, they may sometimes represent individual views and BIBA cannot guarantee, nor do they accept any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy or completeness of the content or for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained within these presentations and recordings.


April 19th, 2023 11:00 AM through 12:15 PM
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